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Our platform is a whole-sale and customize website that focuses on the STANDARD & DIY-CUSTOMIZED BBQ products. We provide all kinds of BBQ products including Gas, Charcoal, Electric, Pellet, Combo Grills, Smokes, and any type of products that customers needed. We innovate a new way to improve efficiency and optimise communication results, saving up your time and costs. ENTER >

Vip Zone

VIP Zone

According to your special requirements, we would optimized your products to build more suitable and competitive products for your local market, regardless of the price or complex functional components.

  • Private online digital showroom - you can get accurate recommendation

    This part will include all the projects that have been cooperated, discussed, and interested.
    They will be displayed in your private showroom with wonderful pictures and detailed descriptions.
    Besides, no one can see it except you and me.

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  • Real 3D online customization system - you can become a BBQ designer

    You can combine all the standard units freely, such as the lids, panels, trolleys, wheels, and any other components, to create a new exclusive grill according to your needs. It is more suitable for your market and more competitive in terms of price and features.

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    DIY System

  • Private project center - you can initiate projects anytime, anywhere

    When you have a design change or project need, just present your ideas in this part, a professional team will help you make it come true.

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    Project Require

  • Complete order database - you can track the order process in real time

    This part is very useful to handle orders' issues and track your order process. It will be updated once your order moving to the next producing step, which means you can monitor your orders anytime and anywhere.

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    Order Center

Registering for an account today, your business has access to over 500 popular BBQ products. Our fast and efficient service provides you with the quality goods and supplies you need to completely revolutionize your business and make great savings.