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5-Burner Stainless Steel Gas Grill with Double-layer Firebox, Rear Burner and Side Burner

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  • Cooking Area

    Cooking Area

  • Product Size

    Product Size (W*D*H)

  • Packaging Size

    Packaging Size (W*D*H)

  • PCS / Loading Qty

    PCS / Loading Qty


  1. Model No.


  2. Certification


  3. Body Area


  4. Warming Rack Area


  5. Main Burner Power


  6. Side Burner Power



  • Lid:

    Stainless steel, double layer

  • Thermometer:

    Stainless steel thermometer

  • Lid Side Panels:

    Two cast aluminum side panels

  • Lid Handle:

    Round tube SS handle with cover

  • Lid Lining:

    Galvanized sheet


  • Firebox:

    Porcelain enameled steel, double-layer

  • Main Burner:

    Stainless steel

  • Heat Shield:

    Stainless steel

  • Warming Rack:

    Porcelain enameled steel

  • Cooking Grid:

    Enameled cast iron

  • Grease Cup:

    High-temp black powder coated steel

  • Grease Tray:

    Zink plated steel

  • Back Burner:

    Infrared back burner

Control Panel:

  • Control Panel:

    Stainless steel, with two cast aluminum end caps

  • Knob:

    ABS nickel plated knob

Side Table:

  • Side Table:

    Stainless steel, with intergrated plastic hooks

  • Side Burner:

    Stainless steel

  • Lid of Side Burner:

    Stainless steel

  • Pot Rack:

    Stainless steel


  • Cabinet Door:

    Stainless steel , double-layer

  • Door Handle:

    Round tube SS handle

  • Cabinet Side Panels:

    Black powder coated steel

  • Cabinet Back Panel:

    Black powder coated steel

  • Cabinet Bottom Panel:

    Black powder coated steel with plastic trims on both sides

  • Castors:

    3-inch flat castor


  • Ignition:

    Pulse ignition

Product Features

  • feature image

    Stainless Steel Burners & Flame Tamers


    Five powerful stainless steel tube burners generate 17.5kW totally and provide a wide temperature range with individual control to make the grilling to perfection. The covered SS flame tamers are designed to distribute heat evenly to the whole grilling space, protect burners from drippings, and prevent flare-ups as well.

  • feature image

    Abundant Cooking Space


    Approximately 770*455 mm of matt enamel coated cast iron cooking grid  and 790*165 mm of porcelain enameled warming rack make up a total of 480700 sq. mm. cooking space.

  • feature image

    Infrared Rear Burner


    Infrared heat from 3.5kW high-powered rear burner is perfect for high heat searing and slow spit roasting.

  • feature image

    Grease Management System


    Full-sized galvanized grease tray and black powder coated grease cup, which are removable and won’t degrade or corrode, facilitate easy and effortless cleanup and protect floors from drippings.

  • feature image

     Lidded Side Burner 


    The lidded side burner with stainless steel pot rack, offering 3kW output, is perfect for cooking side dishes with a pot. The lid can be folded to function as side table for adding workspace to prepare foods and place condiments within arm's reach for hassle-free cooking.

  • feature image

    Side Tables with Integrated Hooks 


    Durable side table with integrated hooks make it easy to hang grilling tools and accessories within arm's reach for hassle-free cooking. 

  • feature image

     Dual-display Thermometer


     Dual-display thermometer monitors temperature in both Celsius & Fahrenheit precisely to ensure best flavors of the food without opening the lid frequently. 

  • feature image

    Cabinet with Double-layer Stainless Steel Door


     The cabinet with double-layer stainless steel door, brings durable construction and roomy storage. 

  • feature image

    Four Lockable Casters


    Four lockable casters make it easier to transport, and the brake system provides secure footing on the ground during grilling.

  • feature image

    Electronic Ignition System


    Simply press the electronic ignitor button to start up the ignition instantly while turning the control knobs to the highest position.