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3-Burner 3.5kW Stainless Steel Gas Grill with Double-layer Firebox & Sturdy Trolley

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  • Cooking Area

    Cooking Area

  • Product Size

    Product Size (W*D*H)

  • Packaging Size

    Packaging Size (W*D*H)

  • PCS / Loading Qty

    PCS / Loading Qty

  1. Model No.


  2. Certification


  3. Body Area


  4. Warming Rack Area


  5. Main Burner Power


  6. Side Burner Power



  • Lid:

    Stainless steel, double layer

  • Thermometer:

    Stainless steel thermometer

  • Lid Side Panels:

    Two cast aluminum side panels

  • Lid Handle:

    Round tube SS handle with cover

  • Lid Lining:

    Galvanized sheet


  • Firebox:

    Porcelain enameled steel, double-layer

  • Main Burner:

    Stainless steel

  • Heat Shield:

    Stainless steel

  • Warming Rack:

    Porcelain enameled steel

  • Cooking Grid:

    Enameled cast iron

  • Grease Cup:

    High-temp black powder coated steel

  • Grease Tray:

    Zink plated steel

  • Regulator and Hose:

    According to local market requirement

Control Panel:

  • Control Panel:

    Stainless steel, with two cast aluminum end capsel on two sides

  • Knob:

    ABS nickel plated knob

Side Table:

  • Side Table:

    Stainless steel, with intergrated plastic hooks

  • Side Burner:

    Stainless steel

  • Lid of Side Burner:

    Stainless steel

  • Pot Rack:

    Stainless steel


  • Cabinet Bottom Panel:

    Black powder coated steel

  • Legs:

    Black powder coated steel

  • Wheels:

    7-inch rubber covered wheel

  • Castors:

    3-inch spiral castor


  • Ignition:

    Pulse ignition

Product Features

  • feature image

    Stainless Steel Burners 


    Three powerful stainless steel tube burners generate 10.5kW totally and provide a wide temperature range with individual control to make the grilling to perfection.

  • feature image

    Stainless Steel Flame Tamers


    The covered SS flame tamers are designed to distribute heat evenly to the whole grilling space, protect burners from drippings, and prevent flare-ups as well.

  • feature image

    Enameled Cast Iron Cooking Grid


    Approximately 515*455 mm of matt enamel coated cast iron cooking grid  and 535*165 mm of porcelain enameled warming rack make up a total of 322600 sq. mm. cooking space.

  • feature image

    Lidded Side Burner 


    The lidded side burner with stainless steel pot rack, offering 3kW output, is perfect for cooking side dishes with a pot. The lid can be folded to function as side table for adding workspace to prepare foods and place condiments within arm's reach for hassle-free cooking.

  • feature image

    Double-layer Heavy-duty Trolley


    Double-layer slatted bottom shelves are designed for convenient storage of small tools and large accessories. Big wheels and lockable casters make it easy to move around. 

  • feature image

    Dual-display Thermometer


     Dual-display thermometer monitors temperature in both Celsius & Fahrenheit precisely to ensure best flavors of the food without opening the lid frequently.