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22-Inch 2-Burner Gas & Charcoal Combo Kettle Grill with working Tabel & Sink

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  • Cooking Area

    Cooking Area

    2* 370in² / 238709mm² (Φ22 in)
  • Product Size

    Product Size (W*D*H)

  • Packaging Size

    Packaging Size (W*D*H)

  • PCS / Loading Qty

    PCS / Loading Qty


  1. Model No.

    KZ22D160-ZS (G&C)

  2. Certification


  3. Body Area


  4. Warming Rack Area


  5. Main Burner Power

    2.5 kW*2


  • Lid:

    Steel, black gloss porcelain enamel coating

  • Thermometer:

    Stainless steel

  • Lid Hook:

    Steel, black gloss porcelain enamel coating

  • Air Damper:

    Stainless steel

  • Lid Handle:

    Plastic handle,Stainless steel heat insulation


  • Firebox:

    Steel, black gloss porcelain enamel coating

  • Main Burner:

    Stainless steel

  • Cooking Plate:

    Enamel steel wire

  • Charcoal Grid:

    Chrome plated steel wire

  • Grease Cup:

    Steel, high-temp black powder coating

  • Regulator and Hose:

    According to local market requirement

Control Panel:

  • Control Panel:

    Steel, black powder coating

  • Knob:

    ABS with black rubber ring and stainless steel knob base


  • Table Top:

    Stainless steel

  • Front Panel:

    Oxford cloth

  • Side Panels:

    Black coating steel

  • Back Panel:

    Black coating steel

  • Bottom Panel:

    Black coating steel

  • Castors:

    3-inch spiral


  • Ignition:

    Automatic ignition

Product Features

  • feature image

    Stainless Steel Burner


    Powerful stainless steel tube burners generate 5kW total performance to deliver quick and even heat to make the grilling to perfection. The automatic-ignition system, the high-speed ignition, is fast and convenient.

  • feature image

    1/2 Enameled Cast Iron Cooking Grid + 1/2 Enameled Cast Iron Cooking Plate


    Non-stick Porcelain Enameled Cooking Grid give you a proper initial sear and the coveted grill marks. Grilling with another half cast iron allows you to have a proper initial sear and saute smaller vegetables that would normally fall through the grill grates.

  • feature image

    Stainless Steel  Working Table, Trough & Water Tap


    Two charcoal grills beauty sits on heavy-duty working tables that enable the whole unit to move around on your outdoor patio. Combined stainless steel trough that comes with a premium water tap, the outdoor kitchen meets your different requirements for BBQ.

  • feature image

    Porcelain Enameled Cooking Grid & Chrome Plated Charcoal Grid


    Non-stick Porcelain Enameled Press grids give you a proper initial sear and the Chrome Plated Charcoal Grid helps regulate the airflow into the bottom of the grill and control the temperature freely as desire.

  • feature image

    Pizza Stone Is For Your Option


    Place your pizza stone on top of the grill grates and use indirect heating to cook your pizza in flour, spread out the dough, and add sauce, and toppings.

  • feature image

    Lockable Casters


    Two durable Casters are available for Convenient & Flexible movement and with a built-in locking mechanism design, ensuring steadiness and standing firmly.

  • feature image

    Chrome Plated Hooks


    Adding up an extra workspace, Two side tables can hold on to multiple seasonings and accessories within arm’s reach. The collapsible design enables saving up ultra storage after use.

  • feature image

    Chrome Plated Lid Hooks


    Durable Chrome Plated Lid Hooks make it easy to keep grilling tools and accessories within arm's reach for hassle-free cooking.

  • feature image

    Slid Air Damper


    The Vents slide the air vent away to control the airflow and stoke fire to improve heating performance.

  • feature image

    Stainless Steel Lid Thermometer


    The stainless steel temperature thermometer is built for long-lasting use, which monitors temperature precisely in real-time and help adjust the heat control for perfect grilling.